If all’s well that ends well…

Saturday started out well.

We had planned to throw Z into the jacuzzi in the morning, so the night before, I had programmed the jacuzzi to heat up the water. So at 8 am, it was a toasty 35 C.

This was the third time, so things went like clockwork. By 8:30 she was in the water with PL and me.

By 8:50 she was out, and in her own bath.

By 9 she was bathed, diapered, and fed.

By about 9:30 she was out like a light (Last Sunday, after a jacuzzi “swim” Z was knocked out for the rest of the morning).

Then, we were on our way to One KM (the new mall), with Z strapped onto PL in a baby carrier.

I love it when a plan comes together as Hannibal Smith would say.

And of course that is when things start to unravel.

Unknown to us then, Z was starting to get “wind” in her belly. Or gassy.

This may have been why Z was acting up at brunch (at Dapur Penyet, City Plaza), and later at home (we went for a walk to try to quieten her), and finally at dinner (which we had in a very unorthodox manner).

By dinner time, she was starting to be inconsolable – feeding for comfort, not getting any satisfaction from feeding. Stomach still upset, still painful, it was heartbreaking to see her cry like she lost her best friend.

After all, in her experience, that was the worst pain she ever felt in her 8 weeks of life.

We had rubbed medicated oil on her tummy and that seem to soothe her for a while, but then the tummy ache would come back. And she would be inconsolable again. Finally, she settled down with a comfort suckle and fell asleep.

Then she pooped in the night (twice) and that seemed to settle her a bit.

PL had found out (on the internet) that fully breast-fed babies in the 6 to 8 weeks after birth may not poop everyday and this is normal. In some cases, they may poop only once a week. I guess that may be on the Guinness Record level.

Anyway, next day (Sunday) she was back to normal, mostly.

We even managed to get her into the Jacuzzi for a bit where she seem to apply herself intently to understanding how to move in water. It was interesting to see her concentrating so intensely on trying to kick her way around the jacuzzi.

That was about 10:30 am. We were delayed by Zoe’s fussing and for a while we thought we might have to drop the idea of the jacuzzi that morning.

But by 10, she was chirpy and lively, so we went for it.

Everything was going smoothly. We even went out to Parkway Parade Mall in the evening to get Gripe Water for her, medicated plasters for me, and a heat pad for PL. And to do some other shopping.

We even had a chance to have dinner, PL & I, at Mad Jack’s. (I love their Mad Cow burger.)

Z started to stir at 8 pm, and we headed home.

She started wailing as the tummy ache returned after her feed.

And she was inconsolable.

The Gripe Water seem to confuse her (or maybe we managed to choke her when we fed her the Gripe Water while she was in mid wail – not recommended). But after a comfort suckle, she settled down. But it was stressful.

But we had it easy really.

Z was not “colicky” in the classic sense of the word, but even so, it was heartbreaking to see her wail piteously because of the tummy ache.

Objectively, it probably wasn’t THAT bad, but to her it was the worst pain she has felt in her limited 8 weeks of life so far.

And she wailed like it was the end of the world.

But even so, she responded to our feeble attempts to try to comfort her. In one instance when the medicated oil seem to soothe her, she was even able to smile, chirp and gurgle.

Then the pain returned.

In another instance, I was just patting and stroking her tummy and THAT seemed to soothe her and she stopped crying. On hindsight, I do not know if it actually helped, or whether Z was just humouring me.

“WTF is daddy doing? Does he think that is going to help? Oh, well, it does sort of help. A little. Let’s just see if he knows what he’s doing… Nope! It still hurts.”

I hope there isn’t any more of these episodes. The Gripe Water is supposed to be taken as a preventative. (Not when she’s in full wail and liable to choke if you pour a teaspoon of liquid down her throat).

Interestingly, the next morning (Monday), she was really chipper and “talkative”. Like she was apologising for being a nuisance the night before.

I know. We’re probably reading too much into it.

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