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Guo Tieh (Gyoza, or Pot stickers)

I follow Chef John on Food Wishes. Recently, he posted a video on pot stickers. We call them guo tieh (Mandarin) or gyoza (Japanese). Advertisements

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“Eat this!”

It seems like every kid eventually goes through a “gross” phase. “Eat this bug!” Z commanded. To be clear, it was not alive. And it was just a plastic “kuti-kuti” bug. One of the newer attempts to replicate the little … Continue reading

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Bill and Robin

Robin Williams was a beloved comic with a zany energy that was mesmerizing. I thought of him recently when I caught him on YouTube. He suicided because of depression. And while I was in no position to help him, I … Continue reading

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PLG – our brand name?

I was browsing in Challenger and found this: Hey! Who used our initials? And what is it? What gadget gets to have the honour of our initials on it? Take a look:

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My dental appointment was at 9:30. I was in the clinic by about 9:20. I was early because I like to be early. Even though I know that doctors (including dental surgeons) are often late. Their lives are not necessarily … Continue reading

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Till Death Do Us Part…

“Let the dead bury the dead,” says Jesus. So let me bury myself when I’m dead. Or before. But first, Swedish Death Cleaning. In Swedish, the word is “dostadning” and it refers to the act of slowly and steadily decluttering … Continue reading

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Baking 101

Z just discovered pizza. Or rather, she has discovered that she can enjoy pizza as pizza. We had given her pizza before. She ate the crust because she’s a “purist” and does not like her food to be mixed. So … Continue reading

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