Watching other parents struggle with strollers (a.k.a. perambulators, or “prams”) and their kids have informed PL and I that we will not be getting a stroller.

We were told of a easy folding stroller, called “Babyzen Yoyo” which allows you to unfold the stroller one-handed. Nifty and cool!

But it was still a hassle to carry the stroller AND baby Z.

PL and I decided that for most places that baby Z need not come along, one of us (usually PL for now) will stay at home with baby Z. And the other (me usually) will go do grocery shopping or whatever.

Where baby Z needs to go, then it would be the both of us, and we could take turns carrying her. In the past it has been one or the other taking her all the way (we don’t feel the need to take a break – she is still rather light).

Recently, PL has been using a baby carrier. And she was so smug about being able to move about by herself. (If we take a bus, I would be the one carry baby Z as I can do it one handed and have the other hand free to tap in and out of the bus, hold on to the handrails, etc. PL needs both arms. But with the carrier, she can.)

But the other thing to know is that PL can’t ride a bike. Over 40 years old and still can’t ride a bike. I started helping her before she was pregnant but we stopped once she was expecting. So she never really got to learn.

And I so wanted to go cycling with her.

Enter the Taga Baby Stroller/Tricycle.

Well, a cheaper version from China.

Taga sells these three wheelers with a baby seat in the front. For about $2000+ Singapore Dollars. And I am not sure if they deliver to SG.

And $2000 is a lot of money.

So I found a similar version from China, and they deliver to SG. For less than $800 ($540 USD).

It arrived yesterday (it was supposed to arrive early March, so way early)!

I spent 3 hours putting it together last night (A LOT of assembly required). And there are still things to tweak (aligning front wheels, inflating tyres, checking brakes. wiping down everything to make it clean for baby, test riding it in the parking lot, etc.)

But excited about having wheels.


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