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Walking Zoe

Picking Z up from nursery can be quite emotionally disheartening. If you are not emotionally strong, like PL & me. Usually her grandparents (PL’s parents) will pick her up, so I do not know if she is also distant and … Continue reading

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A Nice Cat-holic Girl

Z had an Angry Cat phase, when she was about 4 months old, and her grumbling sounded like a gunny sack of angry cats. But we got her exorcised of the Angry Cat (movie version), but she still has an … Continue reading

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Diaper Adventures in Japan

One of the first things we needed to decide was, how many diapers to bring on our trip to Japan with Z. (The other “first” thing was, how much milk powder to bring.) We decided to bring enough diapers to … Continue reading

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It only gets harder

Over a year ago, I related the tale of the hard poop. The hardest thing that Z had to do. Or do0-doo. Well, it happened again. Her appetite had been light that day. She hardly ate anything. She may have … Continue reading

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“Zoe? Did you poop-poop?” “NooOOOooo!” she would say vehemently. Her “No” dragged out, then rising in tone in the middle, and then falling and stopping abruptly. By now we knew that if she doth protesteth too much, it meant it … Continue reading

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My Silly Stunt Baby

Zoe started to walk a few days after her 13th month. It was an exciting time for her, shambling from her mom to her dad. Every step a thrill, a delight, an excitement, an achievement. At first, it was just … Continue reading

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Life is Hard

PL’s parents… I guess I should call them “The In-laws”… met us downstairs when we came back. Z watch us come out of the cab and beamed happily at us (I think she was looking at me when she beamed … Continue reading

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