Hi, this blog is about PL and Me getting together, getting married, and our life together. She’s in her late 30s, and I’m in my late 40s (as at Jan 2013), and we have known each other for 15 years.

Some good things take time.

We value our privacy, so we won’t be sharing personal information that would identify us. If you know us, this is a way to keep you updated about the things in our lives. If we don’t know you, stay if what’s posted here is interesting. Share your thoughts if you like. Or not.

We’re not celebrities. We’re not famous. Just ordinary people.




Update Nov 27 2015:

I’ve just had a birthday, not that it matters, except that now I am (statistically and mathematically) closer to death than my birth. Actually, statistically, I have been in that zone for quite a few years.

But this is not about my birthday, but Z’s. My daughter will be 1 in about a week’s time. So quite a few of the posts in the last 12 months have been about her.

But I have been surprisingly restrained. I have blogged about other things as well. And I would like to think that those were real posts and not fillers in between my real posts about Z.

Update May 10 2017

Well, Donald Trump has completed over 100 days in office as POTUS and he hasn’t destroyed the world in a nuclear armageddon. Just another 1300+ days to go.

However, over in the US, the Republicans are trying to repeal and replace “Obamacare”. And Jimmy Kimmel used his show to talk about his son’s congenital heart problems and how, because he has health insurance, his son is getting the treatment he needs, but how the repeal of Obamacare would throw millions of Americans off health insurance, which means babies like his son, born to parents with less resources, and no health insurance, may die and how that is cruel, heartbreaking and wrong.

Which got me thinking about Singapore’s Health Care.

We have the Medishield Life which was introduced from 1 Nov 2015. MediShield Life covers hospitalisation for up to Class B2 wards. However, many people have additional private Health Insurance, such as with NTUC Income. Their standard plan covers up to B1 ward charges.

So we are quite well covered. There are deductibles but not bank-breaking.


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