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Four Years on…

Four years is not a long time. But the last four has seemed like a lifetime… I might say. If I were doing stand-up on the trials and tribulations of married life. And fatherhood. Actually, the last two and a … Continue reading

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Perchance to dream of futures past

[14 July 2017 Update: I started writing this in Feb 2013, before we got married, but never published this, and then forgot about it, until my last post “Carry On”. Then I thought, didn’t I write something along this line … Continue reading

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Carry On

I like this song:

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Musings about Retirement

The idea of retirement is seductive. Planning for retirement is a little problematic. Firstly, you need to know how much money you will be spending a year. Without an income that increases or is guaranteed, there are several problems. Firstly, … Continue reading

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Pizza! (A journey of a thousand smiles begins with a grin.)

I recently discovered good pizza. Well, actually, re-discovered. In 2014, sometime in late July, we had our first taste of a wood-fired pizza in Denham (approx 800 km north of Perth, Australia). We just knew it was GOOD pizza, and … Continue reading

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Dying in Harness

Recently, a colleague passed away. She was younger than me. 49. 50, maybe. I didn’t know her well. She was transferred into our project team. I suspect because our team is viewed as being less stressful. She had a heart … Continue reading

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Another perspective

On Father’s Day, I read this article (below), and how this father of 4 wished he had his kids earlier. He had the first one at 29. After years of trying. This is different from my perspective. Where I reflected … Continue reading

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