I like Bruschetta.

It’s toast with tomato dices. Garlic toast if it is done right.

I’ve also had salmon bruschetta. With smoked salmon. I thought it was a great idea!

Too bad, the tomatoes kept falling off the toast…

So here’s an idea… What if we made the bread like this:

WP_20140317_001Cut thick slices (about 1 inch thick), lightly toast the bread with garlic, butter, cheese, and Italian herbs. After that make a depression in the toast, with a suitably-sized spoon (teaspoon in this picture):


While the bread is toasting, you should dice your tomatoes, drizzle it with olive oil, and herbs. I had some yellow bell


Diced tomatoes, yellow pepper, and jalapeno. Drizzled with olive oil, and Italian herbs.

peppers, and a small green jalapeno pepper. I thought it might look nice, so I diced them and mixed them with the tomatoes.

Then spoon them into the bread depression, like so.



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