Life Lessons from the Kitchen

There are many cooking videos on Youtube by various people and they all make the same mistake of thinking that they are a TV personality and that we are interested in what they look like.

Except for Chef John of

Chef John focuses on the food, and all you see of him (in his cooking videos) are his hands. I like Chef John because (I think) we have a compatible philosophy to cooking… and by extension, Life. These are:

Top Ten Life Lessons I gleaned from or that were validated by Chef John (of Food Wishes).

10 Focus on the Essential. Other video food bloggers have a wide shot of the chef talking with brief cuts to the food, preparation area, frying pan occasionally. Chef John keeps the focus on the food and the preparation process. That’s why we love him. He’s not a egotistical narcissist (compared to say, Stephen Colbert).

9 Perfectionists have no place in the kitchen. Or Life. At least not in my life. Chef John has said it several times. If you are a perfectionist, you shouldn’t be in the kitchen. Like the kitchen, life is never perfect. Things never turn out EXACTLY like you planned. Deal.

8 Go with the flow. Adapt. Cooking is the art of making your mistakes taste GREAT. Or come up with a great new recipe. Which brings us to,

7 Recipes are just general guidelines, not rules. YOU decide how much cayenne to put into that casserole. Speaking of which,

6 You are the master of your kitchen/life. You decide what to put into it, and how much. (And you should always, ALWAYS put cayenne/chillis/spices. See lesson 4.)

5 THEN again, there are times when you need to follow rules. So sometimes, there is no “salt to taste” and you need to put in EXACTLY 1 teaspoon of salt (or whatever). The secret to life, the universe and everything (including the kitchen/kitchen sink) is knowing when you must follow the rules EXACTLY, and when you can bend them without causing a rift in the Space/Time continuum.

4 You should always put some cayenne in your food/life (except when you shouldn’t). What’s life without some heat, some passion?

3 Great cooks are INCAPABLE of following recipes exactly. Similarly, great people are unwilling to be bound by rules, by convention, by tradition. There is a difference between a cook and someone who can follow a recipe.

2 Everyone should knead dough at least once in their life. (No, not “need dough”, although that will happen too).

1 Always start with good ingredients.

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