Geylang Girl in Toa Payoh

We moved back to Toa Payoh about a week before Christmas.

Zoe has adjusted well. As has her grandmother.

She has more space to run around (Zoe mainly, but her grandmother too) and the neighbourhood is more interesting (again for Zoe AND the grandmother).

We renovated the place with a lot of storage, and it’s great. Could do with more space, but it’s a 3-rm flat, not the freaking TARDIS. We can always do with more space.

I’m quite happy with the renovations.

The condo apartment was a good testing ground for some concepts. And with the help of a good tatami mattress (bed), PL has come around to the idea that platforms are viable and versatile fixtures.

At least I think so.

And Zoe will grow up without ever understanding the concept of a bed. Well, until we go on holiday and stay in hotels.

Ok, not exactly true. She would have seen beds at her grandma’s and at her great grandma’s we park her on the queen size bed.

So with the move back, we no longer bring Zoe to her grandparents. Instead, the grandma comes over in the morning before 8, by which time PL would have bathed Zoe, and PL can hand over Zoe and walk to work.

Grandma then spends the day with Zoe until we return. In the course of the day, she would  take Zoe to the playground, walk around the neighbourhood, meet the neighbours, play with Mr Tan’s poodle (downstairs neighbour), watch the chihuahua in the pet supply shop downstairs, and generally let Zoe charm the neighbourhood.

Zoe has started to toddle. Unsteadily. Once she let go of a bench and took two steps into the great unsupported centre of the living room… then immediately turned around and managed to make it back to the bench before she lost her balance.

We hope she can walk by herself by CNY.

She’s also starting to demand we share whatever we are eating. Grandma has fed her pau (the “skin” or the bread portion mainly), and even some of the meat fillings. She is definitely not going to be vegan – she seems to love pork (gave her some pulled pork), and pork satay. She didn’t like ketupat though. Bland after the taste of pork satay.

PL tried to interest her in some fish at the same time.

Nope. She wouldn’t have any of it.

Until granny coated the fish with some of the pork satay flavour. That worked! Once.

The next piece of pork-flavoured fish was ejected by her tongue.

You can fool her once, but not twice.

But she did eat congee/rice porridge and fish, and that is probably better for her, but she is so insistent about trying everything we eat. And as far as I can tell, she still has only 4 teeth!

We’ve started using pre-packed Pediasure which is more convenient when out – we just break the seal and pour out one serving (still 120 ml) into a bottle and re-cap the Pediasure bottle and keep it chilled. One bottle has two feeds (237 ml), and should be used within 24 hours of opening. We usually bring a narrow cap nipple which can fit directly over the Pediasure bottle for the second feed. If we are out that long.

Like for Chinese New Year.

PL is looking at some play school programmes for Z. She feels that Z’s unstructured day is… well, perhaps too unstructured.

I… can understand the feeling. And perhaps the niggling guilt that perhaps we are not actualising Z’s full potential, by not doing enough. But there is also a part of me that wonders if letting her enjoy her childhood is sufficient?

We will sort it out. With honest conversation and discussion. And the humility of knowing that we have no idea what we are doing. But that we are probably in good company.


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