On Laziness…

There was a cat at my block. Every morning, when I leave for work, it would be curled up on the step.

“Goodbye cat. I wish I were you and didn’t have to go to work.”

And the cat would blink slowly, and sleepily.

At the end of the day, when I get home, I would see the same cat. It does not seem to have moved in the 9 hours or so that I have been gone.

“Hello cat! Did you have a good day? Did you sleep all day?”

The cat would look at me sleepily. And blink. Ever. So. Slowly.

Like even blinking was something you should not rush.

I would like to wish that in my next life I would return as a cat….

Except that… that would require me to change my religion to Buddhism (or some religion that believes in reincarnation).

And I’m too lazy to change religion.

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