Sink or Swim

PL has signed Z up for an introductory swim class.

Z hates water. She hates getting water on her face. She was a cat in a previous life. We think/believe.

In the form, there is a space for special information or instructions. PL wrote that Z hated water.

Let’s see if the swimming instructor is able to handle a hydrophobic 2 year old.

Possible Outome 1

Swimming Instructor to us: “In all my years of teaching swimming I have NEVER met a child who is so absolutely terrified of water! What did you do to her? Every kid I know loves to splash and play in water!!!”

Possible Outcome 2

Z takes to water like a duck to… well… water.

Swimming Instructor to us: “I thought you said she hated water?”

Writes in note: “Child is a natural. Parents are idiots. Or nuts.”


Firstly, PL reports that the water tasted salty. In the shower, there was a notice that explained that the pool was “salt-chlorinated”. Sure. That’s the reason it’s salty. Not because a kiddy pool with lots of kids are peeing in it.

Secondly, Z did not prove us to be liars. She was reluctant to enter the pool – did so after a lot of coaxing, and even then just sat by the side on the steps, just getting her butt (and only her butt) wet. 

Meanwhile, the other two kids (younger than her) were being splashed, chasing after floating toys (a few came our way and Z appropriated them), had water poured on their heads, were dunked under the water, and so on. 

At the end of the trial lesson (free), the instructor would recommend a lesson or group the child could join. 

For Z, she suggested Z get another trial. 


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