Camembert-by, Brie my baby

I found “Cheeza” at a Japanese mini-mart.

Not to be confused with “Chizza” which is KFC’s Fried Chicken as pizza (which we had tried and we did not think was that good).

Cheeza is a cheese-flavoured biscuit. And the flavour I got was Camembert. I thought that was a pretty bold move – Cheddar or even Mozzarella would have been safer choices. Anyway, I got it, and I tried it, and it was quite nice, though the cheese flavour was very strong. And by very strong, I mean pungent.

So when I offered it to Z, I asked her, “you wanna try some cheese biscuit? It’s very smelly. If you don’t like it, spit it out on my hand.” We were at the mall still.

So she nodded. Took a bite. And I could see on her face that she was tasting and evaluating the taste of this new snack.

“Spit it out! Spit it out!” I said, as I held my hands under her chin.

She smiled, and turn away. “Nooo!” she objected.

She liked it.

She asked for more. And more. And more.

And PL had to put a limit to it. Which she accepted, after some bargaining, and extension of limits.

That night, at about 3 in the morning, she woke up, and instead of her usual request for milk, she said, “I wanna eat smelly cheese.” Smelly Cheese is what she used to refer to the Cheeza.

PL told her that it was late and she could have that in the morning.

Earlier this evening, we were at Cold Storage and Z again says, “I wanna eat smelly cheese”. So while I continued to shop for what I need, PL brought Z to the Japanese section. Z spotted her new favourite snack. It was a bit more expensive.

“Would you pay more for the Cheeza here?” PL asked.

It was 90 cents more. But going down to the Japanese Mini-mart would be more than 90 cents in public tranport fare. So sure. It think it’s worth it. But next time we get to the Japanese Minimart, we’re getting like 7 packs. (And of course, Z will choose that moment to lose all interest in that snack.)

But for now she got her “smelly cheese”.

And walking home from the train station, we told her, if you want to eat the smelly cheese, you need to walk. PL added, “I cannot carry you when you eat smelly cheese or the crumbs might fall on my dress and I’ll be covered with smelly cheese crumbs.”

(Not in those exact words. She spoke “baby English/Singlish” so it was more like “I cannot carry you when you eat smelly cheese, afterwards smelly cheese fall on me, how? how?”)

So for the chance to eat her favourite smelly cheese snack, Z agreed to walk.

That is one powerful snack.

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