Return to Boon Lay Raja

Okay, one more post on the restaurant.

We returned to the restaurant (a Friday, about 4 weeks after the wedding) because we had cancelled (or closed) one table on the night of the wedding dinner. However, we had to pay for the table as the cancellation was too late.

I did not think much of it. That was the terms of the contract, and in all fairness, Boon Lay Raja would have incurred costs in preparing the food for the dinner and it was fair for us to pay for it.

However, when I was settling the bill, the restaurant said we could have the dinner we had paid for within a month, except for the cold dish and the steamed pomfret. Those dishes had been prepared and were packed for me to takeaway.

It was very honest trading on the part of the hotel. In addition, the dinner included a bottle of wine for every table, but our guests had drank sparingly, and there were many bottles left over. This we distributed amongst the guests who would appreciate the wine. And there were still a few bottles left over for me to bring home.

Anyway, we had a “free” (or pre-paid) dinner and so I rounded up my brothers and sister and returned to Boon Lay Raja for a redux. (I don’t think I’m using “redux” correctly, but hopefully this will up the literary quotient of my blog).

We have gotten good feedback about the dinner, and because we had to go on stage for the toast, and the photo-taking, we missed most of the other dishes, including the steamed Pomfret (it was one of those packed for takeaway that night but it was too big for PL & I to finish by ourselves, and we were leaving on the honeymoon soon after, so we handed it over to PL’s parents. And they loved it. Again.)

PL’s grandmother who doesn’t like to eat out and generally has little good to say about restaurant food, uncharacteristically had only good things to say about the food. Of course she might have just been nice about it, but generally, if the food was bad and she didn’t like it, she would diplomatically say nice things about the decor, or some other element. So for her to voluntarily comment that the food was good, it was probably good. Secondly, she really seem wistful that the restaurant was so far in the west, and so inconvenient for her to go.

I asked PL to arrange to bring her there for some occasion, like her (grandma’s) birthday. But she doesn’t have a birthday (or rather the official record of her birthday, just lists the year of her birth.

Maybe we can bring her there for PL’s birthday instead. 🙂

Anyway, on our return visit to Boon Lay Raja (for the free dinner), we asked to add the steamed Pomfret, but it was not available. So we did without. Still, there were 7 courses. We loved the Mango Duck, the Lotus Leaf Rice, and the Onee dessert.

It seemed more tasty to some of us. It may be because we were not as satiated (as at the wedding dinner). The Lotus Leaf rice was the last course before dessert so most guests were full and probably could not appreciate the dish. In fact more than one table requested for the Lotus Leaf rice to be packed for takeaway. The next course, the Yam Paste Dessert (Onee), was also packed at some tables for takeaway by the guests.

As mentioned in another post, my colleague later commented that he had never heard of wedding guests asking for dishes to be packed for take-away.

So kudos to BOON LAY RAJA Restaurant! Bravo for getting the most important thing right – the food.

And in an industry where service is often substandard, may I say I was very happy with the service as well.

I hope I never have to get married again, but if I did, I would have my dinner at BOON LAY RAJA again.

Heck, you don’t have to get married to eat there again! 🙂

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