I didn’t think I’d be getting married again

Last year, when we were preparing for our wedding, the Church asked for my Baptism Certificate. I couldn’t find it so I wrote to the secretary of the parish where I was Baptised to ask for a copy.

Then, this week my sister asked for it. And, I had to write to the secretary again.


Dear <Secretary of Parish where I was baptised.>

I am so sorry to bother you again about my baptism certificate.

Could you send me a copy of it by email? A pdf or jpg file will do.

Please include my sister (sister’s email) in the email. My nephew/godson is being confirmed and my sister needs my baptism certificate by end of next week. Unfortunately, I will be out of the country by then.

So, if you are sending by post, could you send it directly to my sister?

<Sister’s Address>

I also feel I should explain about why I did not keep a copy of my Baptism Certificate.

When my (now) wife and I spoke to the priest in preparation for our wedding, he took our Baptism certificates to make copies. However, he only returned my wife’s copy. He didn’t return my (only) copy to me.

I realised it at that time, and wondered if I should press him to return it then, but as I told my wife, I figured I would only be getting married ONCE, so I would not need my Baptism Certificate anymore in future.

Or so I thought.

So this time, I will make and keep a copy for when my other god-children get Confirmed.

(Or if I intend to get married in church again.)

Thank you!


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