Excited? No, not really…

So it is down to the last two days, and some have asked PL & me if we were excited.

Excited? No. Not really. Happy, yes. Looking forward to everything going as planned, or just going, definitely.

Excited? No. Not in that sense of wondering what surprises await us.

The preparation for marriage seems to be  a process of getting one to a point where one just wants it over and done. 🙂

Or maybe it is just me at my life stage?

Certainly PL feels the same way too. There is too much planning to do, and not enough spontaneity.

So excitement? No. It’s all planned.

So it was with a mix of despair and… dare I say it, excitement when one of my emcee for the dinner messaged to say that she had lost her voice and was not sure if she would be well by Saturday.

On the one hand, there was a need to get a back-up or a stand-by.

On the other hand, spontaneity! Or at least something unplanned!

The first thing we did was to put things in perspective. We messaged back, “don’t worry. If you’re fine by then, we’ll carry on as planned. If not, PL & I would still be married regardless”.

With that in perspective, it really didn’t matter if we could not find a replacement.

And I got to share my proposal for alternative candidate for emcee.

PL said my top choice would not emcee. While she had an earthy way of speaking (that’s code for she swears a lot), PL said she was also very self-aware, and could be very self-conscious. And so she was unlikely to agree to emcee, and if PL asked her, PL might well get a good earful of her… “earthiness”.

Oh well. It would almost be like getting the Singaporean Roseanne Barr to emcee my wedding dinner. 🙂

I wonder if I need to declare that my wedding dinner is rated “M” or “R” for coarse language, if “Singapore’s Roseanne Barr” agreed to emcee my wedding dinner…

More importantly (for me anyway), I could see PL and me dealing with such setbacks in a very positive way. We were neither flustered nor upset nor panicky.

We are confident things will work out. 🙂

So excited? No. Not really.





Anyway, as of this writing, we are still looking for an emcee.

If we can’t find one, it’s not the end of the world.

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