Making up is hard to do

On Tuesday, PL had the trial make-up.

No, she wasn’t going to court and needed make-up.

We went to the Bridal shop (where we had ordered our suit and gowns, flowers, rented the cars with drivers) and as part of the package, there was make-up for the bride. There would be make-up for the morning (for the church), then the evening (for the dinner), and then before it all, there was the trial make-up.

While it was called the trial make-up, I realised it was more for the make-up artist to check out her client, understand her needs and wants, as well as her flaws and strengths, and advise the clients as to how to prepare for the big day (and help the Make-Up Artist with her job).

First thing – shape her eyebrows.

(And now I may be in danger of jeopardising the wedding.)

PL has very… prominent brows. No, she does NOT have a unibrow, but let’s just say (for the sake of keeping the wedding on) that “sparse” and “thin” and “weak” are the exact opposite of how one would describe her eye brows.

The Make-Up Artist (MUA) shaved and shaped her brows a little, but suggested (strongly) that she get them professionally shaped for the wedding.

She applied some make-up perfunctorily (perhaps to get an sense of how the make-up would look on her) then asked if PL would layer her hair.

PL explained that layering made it difficult for her to tie her hair back (the shorter layers would escape the clip). The MUA was willing to work with that and considered some options and agreed that PL need not cut her thick lustrous hair.

She asked if PL washed her hair in the morning or at night (night), and she could feel the state of her hair then, so she asked PL to wash her hair as she usually does, the night before, but not to use conditioner. She would arrive at 7,30 on the morning to do the make-up.

However, she did suggest that PL lighten her hair colour as her raven-black hair made her look “fierce”.

Maybe she meant “severe”. She was speaking in Mandarin, and “xiong” translates to “fierce.” Though some might suggests in this context, “severe” was a better translation.

“Dominatrix” might also work.

Now I’ve wondering how PL would look in leather. Probably not good in hot, humid Singapore.

“Pink” i suggested. “Brown” was the consensus (between MUA and PL).

I can see this marriage is off to the right start.

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