Z’s in N2 this year, and the teacher asked the parents for the meaning of the child’s name. And we forgot.

So this was what I sent after the deadline:

“Zoe” means “life”. The other day, someone referred to me as Zoe’s grandfather. I did not expect to be a father this late in life. Zoe was an unexpected gift, a gift of life. And she is my life.

“Chloe” means “green shoots”. But really, I just like the rhythm of “Zoe Chloe”.

Also, she can go, “Zoe – Chloe – Goh-ee!” at some later point in her life. Maybe.

But yeah, she is the spring in my autumn, the green in my greying years. And the green shoots that is sprouting (and has set roots) in my heart.

[Note: See also “Family Name”.]


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