Wagyu Weekend

I discovered QB foods recently.

I was informed that they had affordably priced Wagyu Beef.

And I do like Wagyu beef.

So I ordered some online.

There was a minimum order of $150 to qualify for free delivery. But when you’re buying wagyu beef, what’s $150?

There were some specials on Japanese Wagyu ribeye and striploin. I ordered 400 gm of each and I hit about $140. Toss in some Australian Wagyu Ribeye, frozen pork and beef shabu shabu and I was well above $160.

Then I had to choose a delivery date.

After considering my commitments, I picked a Friday.

And placed my order.

Then I realised that the wagyu steaks I ordered were all chilled meats that should be consumed within 3 to 5 days.

I had ordered over 1 kg of chilled beef!

So that Friday, PL & I had Wagyu Striploin from Japan, for dinner. about 460 gm between the two of us.

It was gooooood.

The next evening, we had the Wagyu Ribeye, also from Japan.

It was also good, but we liked the striploin better. We couldn’t say why, but it just seem to taste better.

And I had thought that the Ribeye was more expensive, so our preference for the Striploin was not influenced by expectations because it was more expensive.

Though, after we agreed the Striploin was nicer, I checked the receipt and realised that the Striploin was the more expensive cut.

But the Japanese cuts of meat were very big (cross section). So when I ordered 200 gm, the meat was sliced very thin, and still exceeded 200 gm on average. Each slice was less than a cm thick. For the cuts I envisioned, 200 gm should have been of a decent thickness.

On the third night of Wagyu Weekend, we had the Australian Ribeye Wagyu. The Australian beef was smaller in cross section, and I had ordered just 200 gm. The actual cut was about 270 gm, and over a cm thick. Maybe 1.5 cm. This was a better thickness and when I grilled it on the cast iron skillet, it managed to sear, but still ended up medium rare – which was what I was aiming for. We shared the 270 gm piece between the two of us.

We agreed that it was not as good as the Japanese Wagyu, but it was still pretty damn good! And it was done better (medium-rare).

And it was unmistakably wagyu in flavour. And because it was smaller in cross-section a 300 gm piece would be thick enough for a good steak. And we could share it.

I had shared with PL (after the second night, but before we had the Australian wagyu) that one opinion from a steak aficionado, is that Wagyu is not actually good as steaks. Because of the high fat marbling, the steaks would not sear properly. My limited experience with Japanese Wagyu (high fat) and Australian Wagyu (lesser fat) seems to support that opinion.

Of course, wagyu and Japanese Wagyu in particular, taste awesome. And with all the marbling in Japanese Wagyu, even if the steak is well done, it is still tender.

If I do order from QB food again, I would either order a 400 – 500 gm Japanese Wagyu, or a 300 gm Australian Wagyu in order to get a thicker steak. Probably striploin, but ribeye and all other cuts would be good too.

And the third day, before dinner, we had gone to Don Don Donki.

[That is the online store and no they don’t sell wagyu beef online.]

The supermarket section had a lot of wagyu beef – from Kobe, as well as from Hokkaido. It was really crowded and we didn’t have the opportunity to shop properly, but I did notice that the Hokkaido Wagyu was about twice as expensive as QB, and the Kobe Wagyu was another 30% more expensive.

QB’s wagyu is about $15 per 100 gm. Hokkaido Wagyu at Donki was about $30 per 100 gm. And Kobe Wagyu was about $40 per 100 gm. At Meidi-ya (last I checked), the wagyu is between $30 – $50 per 100 gm depending on cut and origin. QB’s Australian Wagyu was $11 per 100 gm.

That was just my quick observation based on a limited sample of beef. But it was enough to inform me that QB does have very competitively priced wagyu. Except for the minimum order for free delivery (otherwise it’s $15 for delivery), and that their delivery time is kinda non-specific.

I got a message after 8 pm on the day before the delivery informing me that my order will be delivered BY 2.00 pm the following day. The delivery was made at 11 am.

If you don’t have someone at home or are unable to take time off from work, you would be hard pressed to accommodate their broad delivery schedule.

It may be simpler and less stressful, to go down to Don Don Donki to pick my own wagyu and the quantities I want so I won’t have to have another Wagyu Weekend.

But then again, Wagyu Weekend. What a weekend!

We should all have such a weekend at least once in our lives.


[Note on Wagyu Weekend: The question you might be asking yourself is, why didn’t I just share the beef. Well, it’s a long story. I placed my order online on a Tuesday morning (or after midnight on Monday). And I selected Friday as a delivery date. I had several options that I thought I could use to be sure that there would be someone at home to accept delivery.

On Wed, my sister informed us that she would be out of the country that weekend (Sat morning, IIRC). 

Subsequently (on the same day) my brother informed us that he would also be out of the country. Leaving on Friday morning (the day of the delivery).

Which was fine, because my back up plan was for my mom to be home to wait for the delivery. And she usually goes to my brother’s during the day. But if he was out of the country for a family holiday, then my mom could wait for the package without any “opportunity cost” for her.

Except when she learned that my brother was going to KL with his family, she asked to go to, and my brother agreed. Well, it was her birthday on Saturday.

So now I am out my “house-sitter” and default delivery receiver. That’s ok. It’s December, and things are kinda loose in office. I should be able to take some time off for this.

And then I realise that I would have about 1 kg of chilled (fresh) wagyu beef that had to be consumed within 5 days.

And my brother and sister was out of the country!

Well, I immediately thought of a friend who might appreciate wagyu beef. Then I learned on FaceBook that she was in Legoland! 

So I had NO ONE to share the Wagyu beef with. Okay, maybe I should have tried harder.

But why should I? Would you?]






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