Staycation at Changi Village

Z loves hotels.

I think a lot of kids do (my sis’s and bro’s kids do).

So for her 3rd Birthday, and PL’s XXth birthday (where XX is a number above 3) which was two days after Z’s, we had a staycation at Changi Village starting from Z’s birthday til the day after PL’s.

There is only one hotel there, though there are several holiday accommodations there.

We thought it would be good, because, Z loved the “bucket seat” swing (this is a swing for younger kids, and the toddler is held quite securely in the swing, and there is little chance of the kid falling off even if swinging reasonably fast) at Changi Beach Park. And we would make the one hour bus journey from home just for that (well, mainly for that) on some weekends.

And there is a Chocolate-Origins outlet with Dark Chocolate Gelato. Z loves ice-cream of course.

And there were old kiddy rides.

And cats.

Poori. A.K.A. “fried balloons”.

And interesting food. Like Poori.

Z first tried Poori at Changi Village. I told her it was fried balloons.

She liked the idea of eating fried balloons.

And then on one of the days when it was not too hot, we rented a buggy and a trailer. I pedaled the buggy (it was hard work!) while PL and Z sat in the trailer.

I was like a modern trishaw “uncle”.

It was fun for a while. Then I got tired and it was hard work, and the buggy had only one gear. It was a 4-wheel pedal car. Single seat, but able to pull the trailer. The trailer was quite well-balanced and did not seem to drag on the buggy.

But without gears, it was slow. But probably for the safety of the trailer passengers.

The other “player” in the staycation was the hotel.

I got a larger room, and was required to get an extra bed for Z.

But we could all fit comfortably in the king-sized bed if needed. And if Z did not roll all over the bed.

We introduced her to the joys of “pillow fighting”. And she just loved being pummeled (gently) by the soft pillows.

My complaints about this hotel (who shall remain nameless, but you should be able to figure it out) are minor.

Firstly, the hot water in the shower was unreliable. It was hot. Then it was cold. And then it got hot again. So you alternate between yelping and yelling as you showered.

The shower hose was, in my opinion too short. And there was no upper shower head holder. You were supposed to use the “Rain shower” head built into the ceiling.

The water flow in the basin was slow.

One evening, there was a cold spot on the floor. It eventually caused condensation and damp at that spot.

And the Wifi was unreliable and finicky. Every now and again, you had to re-log on to the wifi. My experience with the hotel wifi in Japan was generally much better. Some didn’t even need a password.

On the plus side, the instant coffee was one of the best I’ve had.

They were quite generous with pillows (we got 5 – two each for the two main guests, but just one for the additional guest – Z.)

And at the lobby, you can help yourself to muruku and other kachang puteh titbits (though the selection is usually limited to two or three items. And it is removed by about 7 pm).

The room was spacious, even with the extra bed (which as mentioned was unnecessary).

Like I said, none of my inane complaints are major or deal-breakers.

I have to say, a staycation in Changi Village is quite enjoyable.

Unlike an overseas trip, there is less stress. No need to stress about travel arrangements. No need to worry about what to eat. No communication issues or challenges.

And on our last evening, we wandered into the vicinity of the Little Island Brewery (a micro-brewery and restaurant) which had a live band playing slow rock. It was quite enjoyable.

We shall do this again. December is nice, except for the rain. but we can get over it.


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