Independent Z

Z has been exerting her independence with her mom and with me.

When PL brings her to school in the morning, Z is often still sleepy and would want to be carried. Especially if I bring her to school (if PL cannot do so), or if Z asks me to (because she is sleepy? I wonder).

However, a few days a week, she would be independent, and walk all the way to the MRT station, and on the bus, and walk to her pre-school.

“I can do it myself!” she would declare to PL.

Sometimes the train may be too crowded and PL would rather carry her rather than have Z at everybody’s butt-level. Group flatulence could knock her out.

Anyway, she’s small, and people might not notice her. Also butt level is also the same as sling bag level, and a careless swipe could have the potential for a concussion. Or laceration of the face.

But she would fight to be independent.

And PL would let her unless she was at risk of flatulence-poisoning.

PL is well aware of that hazard, because, well, she’s short.


Sometimes when I’m talking to PL, Z would tell me, “I’m talking to mommy!”

But, it seems to this doting father, that she interjects quite politely and in an adult manner. So I tell her, “but I was talking to mommy first!”

But she doesn’t get it.

And she doesn’t like to be left out of the conversation. If PL & I were talking, sometimes she will say, “Daddy, Mommy, talk to me!”

Did I say she was exerting her independence?

I mean she’s being very bossy!


I try to respond to her respectfully, because I want her to be able to stand up for herself in future and resist attempts to shut her down (like what happened to Senator Kamala Harris when questioning Jeff Sessions). I like that she is assertive, though she needs to learn to do so correctly, but in the meantime, she’s just bossy.






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