“I miss bear-bear”

… said Z.

“What ‘bear-bear’? Lazy Bear?”

She has a lot of bears. There’s ‘Care Bear’, the pirated (IP-infringed) Care Bear look-alike that is probably not licensed, because we could not find an official Care Bear with that colour and icon, which is more of a bolster because other that the head, there are no limbs of any sort. It’s her “security blanket” bear – it travels with us when we go on holiday.

Then there is ‘Heart Bear’, ‘Small Care Bear’, ‘Big Bear’, and ‘SOTA Bear’ (from School Of The Arts)… and probably a few I don’t recall offhand.

“Ya,” said Z.

“But we only just got Lazy Bear. ” A few hours before. “How can you miss ‘bear-bear’?”

Just after Z was born we got a ‘Comfort Pillow’ from my sister (or maybe it was my sister-in-law). It was a very flat pillow because Newborns have little need for a pillow actually. But it also served as a comfort pillow. It is a buckwheat husk pillow, and is a little denser than cotton or polyfilament-filled pillows. The idea is that if the baby is sleeping on its back (Asian style), a comfort pillow place across her tummy, would provide some feeling of security to the child.

I have NO IDEA if this is true, but it sounded plausible to me. And because the comfort pillow came in a cover with a multi-coloured cat (predominantly orange and pink), I called it the ‘comfort cat’ pillow.

The pillow came with an extra cover. Except this was a rabbit. So for a while Comfort Cat alternated with Rabbit.

Then comfort cat (or the pillow cover) developed a tear or there was some problem with the zip. And it has been Rabbit ever since.

So we needed a replacement, alternate pillow cover.

Which we found.

And Z chose Lazy Bear, so called because the design was of a bear sleeping peacefully on the cover.

And the advice was to wash the bear first before use.

“‘Lazy Bear’ have to be washed first,” we told her.

“Bear-bear bath-bath,” she said. “Just like me!”

“Yes, Lazy Bear has to bathe first, just like Zoe.”


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