Lies I told my child to make parenting easier – Ice Cream

This is not strictly lies *I* told Z.

This is the whopper PL tells Z.

On more than one occasion.

One of our favourite restaurants is Aston’s Steak and Salad at Marina Square. Not ANY Aston’s. Just the one at Marina Square.

That is because of their all-you-can-eat Salad bar.

And the free flow of soft drinks, coffee, and ice cream.

The Salad bar is $20.

The steaks and other mains are approximately $10 more than at other Aston’s to cover the salad bar. I think this is a pretty good deal because it include coffee (which you have to pay extra at a few other buffet salad bar places (I’m looking at you Sizzler!). And Z eats free, because she doesn’t eat much anyway.

Usually, she will eat fries from our main order, tortilla chips, watermelon, and then ice cream!

But I don’t think the ice cream is very good. It’s more sugar than cream. But then again, cream is mostly just fat, so…

Anyway, we let her have some and PL would control the portion. She would dispense from the soft-serve machine about a tablespoon of soft-serve ice cream, add strawberry syrup topping, and a sprinkling of multi-coloured chocolate rice.

An Z would grin and laugh as she scoop the ice cream into her mouth, and then when all there is left is the melted ice cream and strawberry syrup, she would bring the bowl to her lips tilt it up and slurp EVERY LAST DROP of the sugary liquid.

Then she would look at PL and asked, like Oliver Twist but less articulate, “more?” (No less piteously, I would say).

And that is when PL tells the whopper, “each person can only have one ice cream”.

Z considers this and tries a slightly different tack. “More strawberry?”

PL says, “I go check with the Auntie, ok? See if she will let you have some more.”

And PL leaves the table, and makes a show of talking to a staff (I think. I’m too embarrassed to look). Then she comes back with a smile and tells Z, “she says ‘ok’!” Then she goes get some strawberry syrup. About a teaspoon.

I don’t disagree with the overall plan of not letting Z have strawberry syrup and ice-cream.

But one day, she will find out. And that will be the day she sends us to a retirement home in Chiang Mai.



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