Thunderstorms of Biblical Proportions

I remember when I first saw the Grand Canyon, I had a spiritual experience. A feeling of immense insignificance in the majesty and magnificence of Nature. And I thought, rather wistfully, that it was something that we do not have here in Singapore. We do not have Nature, writ LARGE, splendorous and magnificent. Testament to God’s, or Nature’s majesty.

But when I was in Vancouver, during the rainy season, I thought how wimpy the rain was. It was never quite a rain as I knew rain in Singapore. It was a drizzly, neither here nor there, dunno-if-I-should- bring-a-brolly-or-just-tough-it-out-with-the-parka kind of wimpy drizzly rain. And I missed the magnificent and glorious thunderstorms of Singapore.

Well, in a article some years ago, an expat who was leaving Singapore, wrote that she one of the things she would miss were the “Thunderstorms of Biblical Proportions”. I think that is a wonderful turn of phrase. Especially if it results in flooding somewhere. And then we could go all stiff-upper-lip British and say, “flooding? what flooding? That’s just a little bit of ponding.”

We may not have the Grand Canyon, or the Canadian Rockies, But we do have Thunderstorms of Biblical Proportions. The Grand Canyon and the Rockies are Nature’s postcards, which you can see if you go there. The Thunderstorms of Biblical Proportions are Nature’s 4D movies brought to your doorstep.


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