Pizza Quest

We took a weekend trip to Genting Highlands for a break.

While there, we had a Heritage Tomato pizza at Motorino (Pizzeria). I also had a semi-sparkling red wine.

It may be the best pizza I’ve ever had. There was something about the crust – it was really flavourful.

And the semi-sparkling (Frizzante) red I had (Gragnano), was just perfect with it.

The menu of pizza was very traditional, making no attempt to satisfy American tastebuds (i.e. loads of meat, cheese and tomato paste).

There were the classic Napoletana, Margherita, Marina, Quattro Formaggio (from what I can remember), and then Heritage Tomato.

I thought that sounded interesting, so we got that.

And I was very glad. There were fresh tomatoes (oval shaped) on the pizza, and some were green! At first I thought they were kiwi fruit or some other topping, but no. They were green tomatoes.


Well, I also learned there that there is a Motorino at Clark Quay, Singapore.

So the next weekend, when we were back in SG, I wanted to re-experience that fantastic pizza experience. So I hunted down Motorino. There was also a wood-fired clay oven in the Pizzeria, but no heritage tomatoes.


The pizza was good, but I thought there was something more with the one in Genting. Or maybe it was just the over-anticipation. The Gragnano was also “flatter”. Whether it had lost some of it’s fizz from being opened too long, or whether the thinner air up in Genting allowed for more fizz, I do not know.

I was a little disappointed. The crust was still pretty good, but something seemed to be missing.

Mike (my Bro-in-law) said it was the special flour traditional Napoletana pizza were made with. I checked. And found this about the flour.

And now I have a itch for good Italian pizza.


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