Lies I Told My Child To Make Parenting Easier

In the continuing documentation of LiesIToldmyChildToMakeParentingEasier (see below) here’s another whopper we told Z recently.

We were passing Pororo Park (at Marina Sq, SG) and Z asked to take a look at the park through the glass window. (There was a train ride on the other side of the window. It was being charged at the time – there was a charging cable running from the train to a power outlet.)

She had done that before, and we are usually glad of a respite from entertaining her and carrying her (we can put her down while she gazes longingly at the train within). Usually, she would “window shop” and then after a while she would move on.

That day, she asked to “go inside” the park.

So I told her the first whopper. I told her it was a park for children and adults like us could not go in. But we will wait for her if she wants to go in by herself.

Usually, when I presented her with the possibility of separation from her parents, it would be enough to dissuade her. Not that day though.

She nodded and headed (a little hesitantly) towards the entrance.

She stopped after a few steps and looked to her mom and called her.

Aha! I thought. She’s changing her mind about going it alone.

She was out of earshot so I didn’t hear what she said, but PL later told me she had asked PL to pay at the counter.

So she knew things had to be paid for.

PL called me over and explained that Z still wanted to go in.

We managed to convince her to go another day. Her nursery would be closed for a two days and PL & I had taken the day off to spend time with Z. Pororo Park had been a consideration so yeah. We could go on a week day when it was less crowded (and she could stay for 3 hours instead of the 2 for weekends. And we promised we would be with her. Or at least in the waiting area for the luckless parents.

Previously, I showed this video to Z, then told her she can’t have a hamster, cos we don’t have the means to prepare hamster food. Not that she had asked, but she had been interested in looking at hamsters at the pet store. And it pays to pre-empt such things.

And we told her when she ate the Camembert Cheese snack (a.k.a. “Smelly Cheese”) she had to walk, and we couldn’t carry her.

Anyway, it was good that she was willing to if not cut at least untie the apron strings and go it alone. That was quite a step.

Will try to give her more opportunities to do so. Real opportunities.

Also, mental note: Separation from parents may not be the foolproof dissuasion tactic in future. Need to come up with new ones.

Happy sigh, and exhausted sigh.

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