When do we start to give Z childhood Christmases she will cherish?

PL and I are not particularly materialistic.

Nor do we enjoy crowds and “festivities”.

My sole contribution to the Christmas Spirit and preparing for Christmas was to rummage for and dig out the 6-inch fake Christmas Tree and put it on a counter in the flat. You would be hard-pressed to find that little thing in a room full of clutter.

So ya. Great festive spirit!

But I figure, Z is not likely to understand the concept of Christmas, let alone why there is a push back against the commercialisation of Christmas. If she does recognise Christmas as special, it will be recognising that, “hey! I get presents! And it’s not even my birthday!”

If she even understands birthdays.

So we haven’t really built up the mystique of Christmas or how exciting it is.

I guess I think she’s still too young to understand.

Or maybe we’re just lousy parents. 😦


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