Arguing with her mother and her grandmother

Z has shown some (remarkable) reasoning skills.

She had argued with PL before (without words, mind you).

And recently she had “argued” or extended the logic from assertions from PL and from her grandmother.

One weekend in Dec, I had taken my nephews and nieces to a live show (“Fireman”, a non-verbal Korean physical comedy). I took only the oldest of my nephews and nieces, leaving only the youngest two nephews because I wasn’t too sure they would appreciate the show, and also to avoid disturbing the other theatre-goers, though to be fair, the show as intended for children, so it should not be an issue. And there was very little in terms of dialogue, so it is not like a crying baby would detract from dialogue and cause one to missed important plot details.

The main concern was that the younger ones might lose interest and get restless and want to leave. It was a 90 minute show.

I also asked my mom if she would like to come for the show, or to spend time with Z. PL was going to stay with Z, and mom was welcome to spend an afternoon with Z. After various arrangements, Z ended up spending the afternoon with the two youngest nephews, PL and my mom.

However, she noted my absence and asked about it. PL explained to her that I had taken her older cousins for a show, but not the two cousins playing with her, because they were “small, small”.

So Z looked at my mom and said, “Ah Ma [grandma] also small small.”

– – – – – –

Z may have been a cat in a previously life, or had been drowned as a cat in a previous life.

She HATES baths, and HATES having her hair wet.

So bathing her is an exercise in patience and tolerance, and extremely stressful on the mind and the ears (she shrieks her fear of water).

And of course we have tried different ways of conveying the need for a bath, and the irrationality of her fear.

But she’s two years old.

Irrationality is part of her nature.

On her part, she is also needing to exorcise her demons. Or at least play out her stress.

So she would pass one of her talking dolls to Ah Ma (PL’s mom, not mine, but she is also ‘Ah Ma’ to Z – it should be confusing, but Z knows who she means), and ask Ah Ma to undress the doll.

Then she would proceed to role play bathing the doll.

And Ah Ma would take the opportunity to point out that the doll did not cry when she was bathed.

Z did not reply, but she proceeded to press the button on the doll’s chest that would cycle through the various sounds or phrases she makes.

“Pa pa!”. Press button.

“Ma ma!” Press button.

“Hee Hee Hee!” Press button.


When she got to the sound of the baby crying, she stopped.

Whether this was a rebuttal to Ah Ma’s observation, or Z’s need to get the doll to role-play more accurately, I cannot say.

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