Let go of Everything you fear to lose

Seen this?

[Random Silly Post]

So a friend posted this on FB and commented on it.

Being the irrelevant (and irreverent) person I am, I commented that the sentence does not sound like how Yoda speaks:

Wait. A. Minute! I call fake! Yoda doesn’t talk like that!

He might say, “Everything you fear to lose, let go you must.”

Or “Lose everything you must, fear you must let go. Train.”

Or, “You must let go of the train or you will lose everything. ”

Or “Fear leads to loss. Loss leads to train. Train leads to everything (except the Downtown Line – that leads nowhere.)”

Here’s more I thought of, after posting the above on my friends FB page:

“Fear to lose Everything, to let go you must train”.

“Fear you will let go of everything in train.”

“Lose everything you fear? Let it go! Let it go!”


If you wonder how Yoda might actually have said it, this is my best guess:

“Everything you fear to lose, let go you must train.”


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