Two years on

Z was born two years ago.

She seems to be aware that “birthdays” are a time for celebration.

But I am not sure she understands the concept of “birthday” completely.

Then again, I am not sure I do either.

Anyway, we took her to the zoo for her birthday. We got there around 10 am, broke for lunch at 11:30. Caught a show at 12:30, then Z said, she wanted to “go home”. So we started heading for the exit.

On the way out, we stopped by the souvenir shop, where the grandparents fell victim to consumerism. Or capitalism. Or souvenirism.

They got a stuffed toy lion for Z.

Ironic since we didn’t actually see the lions.

This evening as we put Z to bed, she relived the day.

She was particularly taken by the fake animatronic Dinosaurs. (Part of the “Zoo-rasic” exhibition.)

“The big dinosaur, go ‘Ooooo’!” she said, imitating the (speculative) roar of the dinosaur.”

She repeated that, her eyes widening, and narrowing as she recalled the memory, her hands held to the side of her head to signify the “bigness” of the dinosaur. Her stance was wide and stable (also part of the attempt to represent the largeness of the dinosaur?), almost as if she were poised to pounce.

And she repeated it. Again. And again. And again.

“She has to get it out of her system or she’s going to have nightmares later,” I speculated to PL.

I wish I could video her, but if I tried, she would respond to the camera and become self-conscious.

So all we have is our memory. And this blogpiece to remind us.

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