Conversations with PL – Chaplin Impersonators

(Which she will deny ever having.)

Me: See? There’s another one!

PL: See what? What “another one”?

Me: That old man! He’s also walking like Charlie Chaplin.

PL: No, he’s not, lah!

Me: But he is! Look at the small mincing shuffling steps, and then he’s also using a walking stick. Looks just like Charlie Chaplin! There are a lot of old people in Toa Payoh who’s doing the Charlie Chaplin walk. I think they are fans of Chaplin. They must have seen his movies when they were much, much younger, and now misses those good old days., They probably walk like Chaplin to recall those old movies.

PL: They are stroke victims and they walk like that because they’ve suffered a stroke lah! You goondu!

(After thinking about it for a while)

Me: You mean, Charlie Chaplin has been making fun of how stroke victims walk all these while? What an insensitive jerk!

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