Travelling with Z

As expected, travelling with Z has been different.

Less walking.

Shorter hours.

Slower travelling.

We had been a little ambitious the first few days, trying to put up the pace that PL and I were used to when we travelled.

Z’s needs and curiosity slowed us down.

We used to travel relatively light.

I would have my camera bag, and PL would have her tote-bag or handbag.

Now we needed to have a baby bag with diapers, change of clothes, snacks, milk, and maybe even toys. Then PL would have her sling, and I would have a sling too to carry Z for extended periods of time.

And because it is cold, we would have our jackets on, which add to the bulk.

And suddenly, we don’t feel like we’re travelling very light.

And of course, one of us would be carrying Z.

Cos, she doesn’t like to walk much.

The lazy little toddler.

So I found that most of the time, I had no space for my Fujifilm HS20 EXR bridge camera. This was my “travel” camera, with 24-720mm manual zoom lens. It’s not quite the professional camera, but it gave me more options. Well, more than enough for my limited ability.

But it was bulky.

And I already had to carry a child, and other necessities that come with a child.

So I did not bring the camera along for many outings. I simply depended on my phone camera, which was pretty good.

Anyway, I was only interested in taking pictures of Z. The scenery were just props.

And I could do that with my Nokia camera.

So this may be the last trip where I bring my Fujifilm.

At least until Z has the energy and endurance to walk more consistently.

PL and I used to pack our days. In the morning we might go to one attraction, have lunch then make our way to a second attraction in the afternoon, then have dinner, and maybe spend the evening shopping or just exploring the city we were in.

With Z, we made the same plans, but around lunch time, Z would say, “I want to go home”.

And we would apologetically tell her that home is more than 7 hours flight away, so if she like we could bring her back to the hotel to rest.

And she would nod with as much understanding as she had.

And we would head back to the hotel, and Z would be miraculously reinvigorated, and frolic in the hotel room before finally falling asleep at about 4 or 5 pm.

And the day would be over.

More importantly, dinner would be blown.

So we spent more than a few evenings and a few dinners in the hotel room, with cup noodles or take out.

Well, this gave me the chance to try Coco Ichibanya Curry House (Nara) take out which was very well packaged. And the food was pretty good.

In Shinjuku, I got chilled edamame from the convenience store, together with instant cup (or rather, bowl) noodles, and fried chicken from the bento take-away along Okubo Dori, Higashi-Shinjuku, which had “bento” (simple ones) as cheap as 290 yen. The tori karaage was only 110 yen for 4 pieces (IIRC). Other times I got ham and sausages to top up our noodles.

So it was not plain bowls of instant noodles.

One of our plan was to travel to Kyoto from Kobe or Nara, but we decided against it as we didn’t want to spend too much time travelling, which would just use up the waking hours that Z had to spare.

Subsequently, Z learnt to say, “go hotel” instead of “go home”. Even when she was back in SG, when we visited her great grandmother, when she got tired, she said, “go hotel”.

And one night, as she was falling asleep, she told PL she wanted to “take plane, stay hotel.”

She’s got the travel bug.

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