Moving along

I tell anyone who would listen that I am an old-fashion worker. I get a job. I work at the job, and I would like to either retire in that job, or die in it.

Preferably the former.

But some organisations (you know who you are) like to move people around every few years.

I have been fortunate. I worked about 7 years in one “area” – technically, I was “transferred” midway through because the dept changed name. Then I worked in another area for 14 years. Again, there were at least 3 name changes, so those count as “transfers” while I stayed put. Woohoo!

But now, they ran out of names to change. Or they realised that all those name changes were like moving deck chairs around on the Titanic.

Or they realised that I had gotten old and tired. And they needed new players for the name game.

Or my luck ran out.

I guess, it’s hard to play musical chairs when one of the players just sits down, doesn’t want to get up and move, and claims seniority (or senior citizenship privileges) for not getting off his seat.

I can understand that.

So I’m moving – transferred to another division.

“Special Projects”. At level 7.

I started out in an office or cubicle at level 7. Then I got transferred and moved to level 11, then 10. Then 9. Then the next building at level 18.

And now, I will be back at level 7. where I started 21 years ago.

Destiny. Symmetry. Circle of life. Coincidence.


There was a farewell lunch and I knew I would be asked to say a few words, as was customary. By now, I had “cultivated” a persona of a man of few words (yeah, those of you who know me are incredulous) within my department, so I knew I could keep it short.

I also did not want to impose on my colleagues.

And no, I do not burn bridges. I think that is bad form, and rude.

Did I mentioned I’m an old-fashioned worker?

And burning bridges serve little purpose.

If I did not want the transfer, I would not have agreed to it. So I am looking forward to the new job. I kept my “speech” short. And entertaining. Anytime I have an audience, I feel the need to entertain them.

“I thought about what I want to say, and I just have two things to say. One, thank you. And two, can i go now?”

Of course, they felt the need for a longer speech. To share my “wisdom” so to speak.

So I also said, that coming up with solutions to the problems of today, is not as easy as it used to be. In the past, people were more inclined to defer to authority and expertise.

Not today.

Conventional wisdom is not conventional any more. “Wisdom” and expertise would be questioned, and even rejected – e.g. Brexit, and Trump. Policies and initiatives would be challenged, and if possible changed.

So I don’t envy the task my soon-to-be-ex-colleagues will be facing.

Seven years in one area. Fourteen in the next. If I am lucky, this next one will take at least 21 years or 28 years. Well pass retirement and re-employment.

Job Security.

It’s all one can ask for really.

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