“What’s Daddy doing?”

PL was pleasantly surprised one evening when Z spoke a full sentence: “What’s daddy doing?”

We were on a bus and PL and Z were seated in the priority seats.

I had bags of grocery so I was more comfortable standing in the open area near the exit.

What sparked Z’s question was seeing me stumbling to the litter box to discard a tissue.

PL told Z: “daddy throw rubbish.” Which Z repeated to herself.

PL also told me that when she sat down, there was a lady in the seat next to her. This was a long bench-seat set sideways against the wall of the bus.

Z said to PL: “cannot kick people” or something to that effect. This was her reminding herself that she should keep her feet to herself on the bus, especially when she is being carried in a sling with her feet sticking out to the sides of PL.

A few stops later, another woman gets on and sits down on the other side (PL & Z were in the middle of this three-seater “bench”).

Again, Z says, “cannot kick people”.

PL affirms it, “ya. Cannot kick people.”

Z smiles mischievously, and says “can kick mummy!”

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