Little Femme Fatale in the making

As mentioned previously, we have started sending Z to half-day pre-school.

I’m not sure that it is actually teaching her anything, but I’m quite sure, leaving her at home with her grandma isn’t much better either. Grandma does what all grandmas do, spoil her rotten.

So, pre-school it is.

PL sends her in the morning by about 8:30 am. Then she goes off to work.

Then about noon, PL’s mom will go pick Z up and bring her (to our) home.

When PL’s mom picks up Z, she of course will bring back Z’s little bag as well.

And one of the boys in her playgroup has taken to bringing Z’s bag to her grandma.

I do not know why he does that. Is he sucking up to the grandma because he knows he needs grandma on his side? Is he just being helpful? Does he do that for other kids – boys and girls? Or just Z?

Oh, he already has a “girlfriend” – the other Zoe.

There is another Zoe in class, and when we went for the orientation, the teacher said, this is another “Zoe”. And took special pains to let this young suck-up know. (Let’s call him “E”)

He then peered (rather rudely) at her.

Later when the other Zoe arrived (she had been delayed), he proprietorially grabbed her hands and tried to lead her away.

She wouldn’t have it, and pulled her hands away.

So now the little Lothario has apparently set his sights on Z.

Grandma has been reporting back and one day she said that he had competition!

Another boy, whom she described as having spiky hair, had tussled with him to have the “honour” of bringing Z’s bag to Grandma.

The new boy (whom we shall call “Max”) lost the struggle and went crying to the teacher.

The next day, Grandma reported that Max brought the bag to her. No idea why E was not the one.

So, she is not even 2 and she has boys fighting for her affection. Or at least her grandma’s good graces. 🙂

My little Femme Fatale!

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