Family Name

Zoe’s at the stage in her language learning where she hasn’t quite figured out how to reverse perspective – I am sure that language experts have a technical word or phrase for this.

Basically, PL might say to Z, “Let mummy feed you.”

And at another point in time, Z might request PL to “feed you”, when she means, “feed me”.

And there are many things that are not known to her yet.

Like I imagine, if she were to try to make sense of a concept like surname or family name, she might well ask, what is a family name.

And she might be told, it’s the name or word that is shared by all members of the family.

Oh, she might say, “our family name is ‘Ee’!”

Are you sure?

“Yeah! There is ‘Dad Ee’, “Mom Ee’, and I am ‘Zo Ee’!”

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