Mobile Phones

I broke the screen of my phone early this year.

It was the second time. In about 3 years.

This phone is one of the last Nokia phones – the Nokia Lumia 920 (there was the Lumia 1020 after that, but this was within the last year or so before Nokia was sold to Microsoft).

I’ve had it since about June 2013. Just before I got married.

I don’t change phones very often. My first phone was a Nokia 3310 and I used it for maybe 5 years? It was a phone. You could sms. And it had a clock and you could set the alarm. I think it had a timer too. And you could programme your own ringtone. I used the “Power Rangers” first 6 notes as my ring tone (“Go! Go! Power Rangers!”).

Then I got a Nokia 6610 ( I think). It was supposed to have more features, but it was not very reliable. Then I had another Nokia – the X3-02 Touch and Type – it was an introduction to touch screen with both keypad and touch screen. And was neither here nor there. I was not very impressed by it.

Then I think I got my current phone, the Nokia Lumia 920. I got it in early 2013. Around June (I know this because the first pictures I took were in June 2013). And I love the camera. It’s pretty good. Even in low light.

I broke the screen once before when I dropped it. That was maybe a year after getting it, so I went to the Nokia Service Centre to had it fixed. They charged me a lot of money (about $300 or $400). It was quite painful. But I felt that it was worth it.

Earlier this year, I dropped it again, and broke the screen again. However, I wasn’t sure if the Nokia service centre was still around, and I didn’t want to pay a lot of money to repair the screen. My friends and colleagues were shocked that I paid so much to fix the screen the first time. Local “unauthorised” repair shops could do it for cheaper. Much cheaper.

I wasn’t too hopeful of getting it fixed, but there were places to try.

Alternatively, I was thinking of getting a new phone. It has been 3 years.

Since I liked my current phone a lot, I was thinking perhaps I could upgrade to the Microsoft Lumia 950. (Microsoft bought Nokia about 3 years ago.) But then I read some bad reviews of the 950. Poor call quality, poor battery endurance, and overheating.

But the deal-breaker was that the camera wasn’t as good as the old models (like the 920).

I then considered alternatives. Like the iPhone SE. It’s camera is rated pretty highly too. But I wasn’t too sure about iPhones. I went with a Windows phone because it had limited apps. Because the thing is, we call the devices “phones” and while it can make and take calls, that is not its primary function anymore.

Some phones have so many apps and so many things you could do with it, that by the time you wanted to use it to make or take a phone call, the battery’s dead.

Even with my limited installation of apps, my phone is not primarily a phone.

Most of the time I use WhatsApp to communicate, I use the camera to take photographs, I use it to access FaceBook, it also functions as my clock and alarm clock. But I almost never call people anymore. Except my mother who doesn’t use WhatApp or SMS.

I also use it as the “2nd factor” in a “Two-factor authentication” protocol – when logging into various accounts (e.g. bank) the website will sent a “One time pin” or OTP. Banks also have one of those tokens or dongles to generate pin, but I don’t like having yet another gadget to carry around, and those things expire or needs to be registered, and you need to use it regularly. Too much trouble.

But we still call it a mobile phone or a smart phone. In Singapore, we call it a “handphone”. (As opposed to those we use with our feet?)

Anyway, I started out wanting to upgrade my phone. Then I realised, I just wanted a good camera. 🙂 On a portable computer. Which can make calls if necessary.

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