Z Parrot

Z is at the stage where she is picking up words she hears and repeating them.

Usually just one word out of the whole sentence.

So I might say, “oh man! It’s so hot today I could just die!”

And because of the emphasis she hears, she might repeat, “die”.

Or “hot”.

Or “man”

Usually one syllable words.

She still can’t quite manage all the phonemes we used for our day to day speech. She still doesn’t use her name comfortably, though on several occasions, she has referred to herself (I think) by the diminutive I use for her “Zo-Zo”.

When she tries to say “Zo-ee”, it comes out as “Yea-ee”, which sounds like “Dey-dee” or “daddy”.

Ah Kong (her Grandpa) is “Ah Thung”. She can’t do the “K” sound.

And both her grandmothers, as well as her great-grandmother (and, we suspect any elderly lady) is “Ah Ma”.

She likes to watch videos on YouTube, but we try to limit her exposure. So as an alternative, she would ask for my phone, where I have some videos of her.

There were a series of videos which I had “directed” her to say, “Ah Ma”, and “Miss you”, which I then sent by WhatsApp to my brother to show to my mom in Calgary.

One evening, she asked to watch videos on my phone, found those videos, and decided she wanted to make another video for “Ah Ma”. So she walked me to the same spot where I had shot the video the last time.

I started recording, and asked her, “Who do you want to say “miss you” to?”

She answered, “Ah Ma!”

“And what do you want to say to her?”

“Miss you,” she said.

But before I sent the video, I showed her a photo of her with all her grandparents and her great-grandmother, and ask her, “which ‘Ah Ma’?”

She pointed to my mother!

So she did intend it for my mom!

I called PL to come and confirm and I asked Z again, who was the video for.

This time, she pointed to PL’s father (who was next to my mom in the photo).

“Oh that, ‘Ah Ma’!” I said.

“Who did she point to,” asked PL.

“The no boob ‘Ah Ma’.”

“What ‘no-boob Ah Ma’?”

“She pointed to your father.”

“Zoe,” PL called. “Which Ah Ma you want to send the video to?”

“No boob”.

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