High Brow – A personal rant

In the long history of human mating/dating, no man has ever said, “wow! look at the brows on that chick!”

Which makes women who spent an inordinate amount of time on their eyebrows, demented people.

(Apologies to any demented people reading this post.)

Seriously, what is with the fixation on eye brows?

Unless you have a severe Unibrow, you can safely ignore it. Trust me. You won’t lose a date if your brows are not perfect. If you do, the guy is probably a pervert or a sicko.

What it shows is an unnecessary, unhealthy, and irrelevant fixation or obsession with your eyebrows, one of the most insignificant and almost unimportant aspect of one’s face, and certainly, one’s character.

But I am ranting about this? Doesn’t this make me, demented as well?

Okay, I’ll stop because I think this is already too much time to be spent on an insipid subject.

I’ll get straight to the point: Zoe, if you find yourself obsessing too much about your eyebrows, and really ANY attention you pay to your eyebrows is too much, STOP IT! This is your father speaking.

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