Bossy Little One

The Principal informs us that Zoe is adapting well to the preschool.

She cried for a while when PL left her in the morning of the second day, but after that calmed down and join the others in the activities.

However, the Principal noted, if the others got really rowdy, she would back off and stick with the teacher.

She would help the teacher put away the toys.

After lunch, PL was to take her home, but she wanted to stay to play with the toys at first. When PL said she had to leave, Z then dropped the toys to leave with her.

So she is comfortable with the place.

Like the first day, she was not ecstatic to see PL. Hmmm…

Anyway, at home, her grandma felt that she was more insecure now – crying more easily, and a little more clingy.

This evening after finishing one bottle of milk (part of her routine for going to sleep) she wanted more. So PL was going to make another bottle. But as she started to go, Z lost it and had a meltdown.

It took a while to calm her down, so PL could go get the milk, and even then I had to let her have sight of PL. Then we played a game and got her smiling and laughing again.

Then she wanted to listen to the CD. She hadn’t listen to it for a while. It was just some kids song in Mandarin.

It seemed that she has a new appreciation of the songs. She danced to it, and then clapped to it.

Then she turned to us, and said, “daddy, clap!” “Mommy clap!”

Quite imperiously, I might add.

We clapped for a while and then we faded, and then she would remind us, the little clapping Nazi.

I knew sending her to pre-school was a bad idea!

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