On her own

Zoe starts “school” today (1 Aug 2016).

Playschool. From about 9 am to about 1.

But for the first day, the Principal asked that PL come at 11, have lunch with Z, and then take her home for a shorter day. It is after all the first day.

To help the parents adjust, the Principal sent a picture of Z, and then a video. She said the Z was calm. Did not cry. But pointed at the door where PL had left.

In the video, Z looked… okay lots of subjectivity here, so here goes… dejected, dispirited, despondent, like a prisoner, dull.

Objectively, she was not smiling, and did not look ecstatic.


But she did not cry. For that, I am thankful.

We had brought her to the preschool 3 mornings of the previous week. I took her on Wednesday and Thursday, and Pl took her on Friday. It was only for an hour each morning. For orientation. To help her get used to the idea.

(As an aside, this was the week, the Orientation activities of NUS was making headlines for the sexualised and inappropriate activities. Different issue. Same name.)

And we met Max. A new kid (less than 2 weeks at the preschool), and he cried almost constantly on Wed & Thur. By Friday, he was not crying.

And we were told, this happens with some kids.

Some cry for a few days. Some as long as three weeks. Some not at all.

Like Charlie. Charlie’s parents told the preschool that she (Charlie) would not need orientation. They just drop her off the first day, and she was fine. No crying. No need for orientation. She is either very self-assured, or there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with her! 🙂

Over WhatsApp, I told PL, Z may be saving her tears for when she sees us (or just PL, since she’s picking her up.)

This is the first time she is away from her primary caregivers – PL and me, and her grandma and grandpa. This is the first time she is with strangers.

And she’s not crying. Which is good.

Tomorrow will be another day. (She might cry, then.) 😦

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