How did you know she was the one?


Stephen Colbert, IMHO, is probably one of the smartest person in comedy, and now hosts the Late Show since David Letterman retired.

To warm up the audience, Colbert meets the audience before the show to take questions. And one member of the audience, at the July 4 show asked, “when you met the woman who is now your wife, how did you know she was the one?”

Here is his answer:

Lovely story.

Watch the band members in the background listening enraptured to his story. He is a great story-teller, and he had a great story.

And in case the video link is broken, here are the stories/articles:

Here is our own back story.

Our JICA travel mates reminded me that when we were at the airport, PL’s grandmother had spoken to me and asked me to take care of her grand-daughter. When reminded, I recalled that. And it took me a while but I guess we are taking care of each other now.

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