A Musical Time Capsule (July 2016)

Today, Zoe wanted to watch videos on Youtube as usual.

And as it has become more common these nights, she found that there was nothing on on the ‘Tube. 🙂

The more things change, the more the stay the same.

But Zoe is a little more decisive than… well most of us. Me included.

When she realised that there was nothing new on the ‘Tube. Nothing of interest. She stopped the video, and closed the MacBook (she can say “MacBook”).

Then headed to bed.

Before that tho, I tried to interest her in some of my favourite music videos. Fun.’s “Carry On” did not interest her.

Lucy Spraggan’s “Last Night (Beer Fear)” she endured for a while, but lost patience.

I guess she is still too young for these songs.

So this is sort of a Time Capsule of music videos I like at around this time. Maybe one day, she might listen to this and love it all. Or think, “oh GAWD!”.

Also, I’m wondering if I could set up a virtual musical time capsule. What happens to YouTube videos after 20 years? Will there still be YouTube? Maybe in 20 years time, all you will see in this blogpiece are words, and broken links where I have embedded the videos. I better make sure I make clear what the song and who the artist is.

I’d like to start with “Tea and Toast” by Lucy Spraggan.

The first few times I watch this, and listened carefully to the lyrics, I teared up about 1 minute from the end of the song. Now, as a matter of self-defence, I do not listen too closely so I can maintain my composure.

Songs should evoke feelings, and “Tea and Toast” brings me to the end of my life with my wife. In all probability, I will go before her, but what if…


“Lighthouse” was the first song by Lucy Spraggan I heard, and it made  me go look her up on the internet. And from there I found “Tea and Toast” and her other songs.

I like the catchy tune, especially the line “come back to where the streets are paved with stone”. It is a call to return to reality.

I like reality. It is… real.

Lucy Spraggan feels real to me. She’s down to earth, and her songs are earthy and unpretentious, and honest, and very very human. She speaks from the heart.


Zee Avi also comes across as a very unpretentious, honest, real and very human person. And she’s from Malaysia.

“Kantoi” is an original song with words in “Manglish” – a mix of English and Malay about a very personal matter.

I wish she had more success. She has a lovely and unique voice.

Just as I wish for more success for Lucy Spraggan. But never mind.


Then, there is Fun.

Nate Ruess has a fantastic voice (well, I think so), and I like this acoustic version of “Carry On”. It is an inspiring song. Or at least the words are.

But the first song from Fun. I heard was “We are Young”. And that was a catchy, inspiring youth (or young-at-heart) anthem that I could identify with (to sniggers from my younger friends, if I had any). And here is the acoustic version. And this song shows off his voice very well.


But I am a funny guy, and I love songs with a sense of humour. Or are just plain in-your-face rude. But in a funny way. Here’s the Rubberbandits, “Horse Outside”.

Caution: strong language and as the first few seconds warn, this video is for mature audiences only.

By the time Zoe is old enough to watch this, there may not be any cars.

You may need to watch this a few times to catch the Irish accent and begin to start to have a sense of what the heck they are saying. Check the comments for the lyrics. Really. Someone should subtitle this and annotate it too.

But basically, the Rubberbandits are saying how environmentally friendly they are cos he has a horse outside, compared to the Irish version of Ah Bengs with Ah Beng cars.

Oh, and there’s a video of a shirtless Irish boy singing this song.


My Musical Time Capsule would not be complete with Jason Mraz’s “I’m yours”. This is like the extended, extended live version in Korea.

That was his greatest hit, but he had a few other – “I won’t give up”, and “93 million miles”. He performed “93 Million Miles” with Sungha Jung once. Sungha Jung is a child prodigy with a guitar, though in that video he’s already in his late teens probably (so his child prodigy-ness is not so obvious). But here is his guitar-only “I’m Yours” from 2010:

Jason Mraz said he learned a new way of approaching the song from watching Sungha Jung’s playing. Which is a more difficult way of playing the song.

Sungha Jung does covers of many songs with his guitar and also ukulele. This is his cover of Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”:

And here is the official Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are”.

Zoe likes his “Lazy song” MV – the one with the dancers in chimp masks.

And this time capsule is running a little long. So here is the final entry.

I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but I like this Doo Wop cover of her “We can’t stop” by Post Modern Jukebox. They have some very interesting interpretations and covers. This is one of my favourites from them. Another favourite is “All about the (upright) bass“.

So let’s close the capsule. And wonder what will happen to all the embedded videos and links 20 years from now.

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2 Responses to A Musical Time Capsule (July 2016)

  1. thisissiok says:

    Gosh this post is timely for W and me! I just started him on Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours and Sungha Yong’s ukulele early last week too! And I’ve been wondering what else to show him since I don’t listen to western music much 🙂

    • Gabriel Goh says:

      Just share what you know and what you love. It’s is not content as much as context. If you share what you know and what you love, you can bring your personal experience into it, explain why you love it, what impresses you about it.

      Of course if you are just looking to find new things to love and share, then hope some of my favourites become yours too. (Any chance you might learn to sing “Horse Outside” to W? In an Irish accent to boot? 🙂

      Here’s a nice lullaby:

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