Mana-Mana (or Mahna-Mahna)

I have introduced Zoe to the Classics. Specifically this Classic Muppet song. With most YouTube videos, she usually loses interest after about 2 minutes. Often sooner.

But this manages to capture her attention for the whole song! And she would actually request this video if she sees it in the video list.

Then when “Mahna-Mahna” (the creature that says, ‘mahna-mahna’) appears (and says ‘Mahna-Mahna’) she would pat her chest to sign that she is afraid.

But she would smile and continue watching.

I ask if she is scared, and she nods. I ask if the creature looks like daddy, and she nods again.

Since then, when she watches the video again, she would pat her chest when Mahna-Mahna first appears, and then after a while, she will say, “daddy”, meaning that Mahna-Mahna looks like Daddy.

Or maybe she thinks that really is me in my younger days.

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