Life After Life

There were a few articles in the news recently about God and Faith.

Specifically about including atheists in Interfaith dialogues. I thought that was stupid. But never mind. This is not about that.

Then there was this blogpost about Cryonics. The writer seemed quite convinced by it.

I think he makes a reasonably rational argument for Cryonics. Enough for me to be curious about it, but not enough for me to crave it.

After all, there are only about 4 companies offering Cryonics, and 3 are in the US, and the 4th in Russia. Not exactly accessible to someone in Singapore.

The costs isn’t exactly out of reach, but it is not like I have US$250k to spare, either.

The only promise that might make me consider it, is the chance to see how Z turns out.

Maybe I’ll die at about 75 (in about 25 years). Z would be 25, at the start of her adult life.

I’d wonder how she would be doing for the next 50 years or so. It would be nice to be able to come back 50 years or so after I’ve “died” to see how her life turned out.

And what if they haven’t figured out how to revive me in 50 years or so. What if Z herself had passed on by the time they do?

I would choose to be cryonically preserved for as long as Z were alive and if I could be revived before she passes away, for a chance to catch up with her. And if she has passed on before the technology to revive cryonic patients is available, then end my cryonic preservation.

But it is a selfish, silly, want. We don’t usually get second chances.

It would be nice. But it won’t be worth US$250k.


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