Beware of what you wish for

Today, well Saturday (5 Mar), Zoe started walking fearlessly in public.

We had been hoping for that for some time. We thought it would be a little easier for us.

Beware of what you wish for.

I’ve often wondered why parents don’t hold onto their kids when they go out.

It’s ‘cos the kid doesn’t want to hold hands.

Or listen.

Or just wants to run off.

So far, Z is still a little cautious and wary, and if we say “bye-bye’ and disappear around the corner, she would get distressed.

So there is still some control.

But I think I will need to start running fast.

We were at Thomson Plaza, or rather, PL was there with Z while I was at the Dental Clinic.

PL put Z on the floor in one of the shops. And then later at the supermarket (where I was to meet them).

Then Z decided to go independent on us.

Which was great!

Until we saw all sorts of mischief she could get into.

Especially when she doesn’t want us to hold her hands.

And when I carry her, she tries her best to get down to the ground, twisting and squirming.

She’s still small enough to manhandle.

Wait til she gets bigger.

Anyway, that evening the Chingay was coming to our neighbourhood.

There was a fair, with rides, and bouncy castles for kids.

But Z was still too small and she won’t be able to rough and tumble with the bigger kids. So we just wandered around taking in the sights, and then waited for the procession.

Which was all it was – a procession of about 12 decorated and lighted vehicles with one Hippo tour bus from which the MPs were waving from the top deck. It stopped for a while for the MPs to come down to say a few words which was totally unnecessary and unwanted. The loud music blaring from the various floats drowned out anything that was said.

Z was not particularly impressed.

Sure the lights were bright and caught her attention, but not her excitement.

Then the MPs got back on the bus for their next stop.

There was going to be fireworks at the last stop which was about 20 minutes walk away. We could get there in time.

So with Z strapped onto me (carrier), we made our way to the final stop and found a good vantage point to watch the fireworks.

We were practically under the fireworks.

Z again was not impressed.

I was quite surprised. Or maybe I shouldn’t. She doesn’t get startled by loud noises (a balloon popped right next to her and she just turned to look at the source of the sound quite calmly). So despite all the loud explosions overhead, she just looked up with mild curiosity, and little excitement.



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