My Little Spice Girl

I had a craving for good hot and sour soup. So I went looking for a recipe on the web (found this:…/hot-and-sour-soup-food-lab-rec…, which seems pretty serious about its hot and sour soup).

Anyway, the next day, I went to hunt down some ingredients for a simplified hot and sour soup… and the results were quite satisfying, if not very authentic (tip: Any good soup/broth can become hot and sour soup – just add Chinese (ZhenChiang?) vinegar and as much white pepper as you like just before serving).

I was fine with not authentic. I just wanted the warming peppery soup, and the tanginess to balance the pepperiness.

So my mushroom, tofu, fish dumpling soup (in a commercial chicken broth) had some corn starch (to thicken the broth), and egg flower, and then a tablespoon of vinegar, and lots of white pepper.

Zoe watched me drink my soup and asked for some.

Being the kinda of dad who doesn’t say no to the kids (I’ll let the pepper in the soup do the talking), I gave her a little sip.

Zoe took a sip, beamed happily and gave her “thumbs up” sign – Good! she says! (She can’t do the “thumbs up” sign, so it’s more of a “index finger” pointy sign)

I was… surprised. (What? No choking and gasping, and crying for water?)

Gave her another sip. (That’ll teach her!)

“Good!” she signed again (thumbs or rather fingers up!)

My crazy daughter likes it spicy.

I’m so proud!

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