The Wife of Bath

So apparently, you could bathe your baby too much.

“But,” said my Wife of Baths, “this is Singapore! In this heat and humidity, we should bathe everyday!”

“That goes for baby too!” she insisted.

So Z gets bathed in the morning by her Grandmother, when we are at work.

And then in the evening before bedtime, PL would bathe her one more time.

Which worked out fine, ‘cos Z LOVES bath.

Er…. make that “Loved”.

Apparently, there is a “phase” which many (if not all) babies go through where they suddenly dislike having baths.

This phase kicked in about 2 weeks ago for Z and as a consequence, she attempted desperately to “escape” the bathtub in the middle of her bath, and ended up with her “cold and… shamed, lying naked on the floor“.

So suddenly, Z who used to love baths, for whom “bath” was one of the words that she can consistently say, who knew that before bath, mummy had to get the towel ready, who looked forward to all her bath friends – Peter Penguin, the 3 ducks (yellow, blue, and red – they don’t have names), the squirt bottle (don’t ask. Long story), the bubbling toilet (short version – got this from Daiso), and the various bubble toys, including the battery-operated bubble-blowing dog, suddenly was unwilling to go into the bathroom, and reacted negatively to baths. Wailing throughout the whole time bath time and standing up in the tub, and trying to get out of it.

It was all PL could do to hold her in the tub and try to bathe her.

Well, one evening, PL tried showering her, and she seemed to like it better.

Or more precisely, she like the new experience.

But she wailed and resisted showering the next day.

PL got all wet, and so the next day, she stripped down to her underwear to shower Z.

And the next day, she tried showering first, to show Z it was ok, but Z would have none of it.

Same wailing and the stream of bubbles from the bubble-blowing dog did not distract her.

PL has been checking the web for info. We are not alone.

Doesn’t solve the problem, but we are not alone.


Next: Experiments in the Washing Machine.

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