So a friend posted this on Facebook some time back. It was intended as a simple humour piece. But I got to thinking…


Thoughts/questions running through my head…

How to get eggs for chicken feed.

Henrietta uses other chickens’ eggs to extend her life. Is there a moral issue here?
Maybe the lady knows Henrietta has stopped laying and has been threatening Henrietta for free eggs (or for the price of chicken feed).
Where did Henrietta get the money to buy eggs?
If Henrietta could afford eggs, why don’t she get a bus ticket out of town?
If the grocery clerk is talking to and treating Henrietta as a sentient being, how can the lady think of eating Henrietta?
Has Henrietta ever considered TALKING to the lady? Or perhaps she understands, but cannot speak?

Why can’t I just enjoy the silly comic instead of overthinking everything?


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