Are you going to eat that?

Zoe has learned to tease her mother.

Like all babies do, Z has a tendency to pick up stray debris on the floor or whatever surface she is crawling on. And likely she might put them in her mouth.

She might even swallow them and I think we have lost bits of tissue to her (we were wiping her lips, and she would stick out her tongue, as the tissue past her lips and the tissue would stick to her wet tongue and tear off, and we would discover the tissue was less then whole just as Z’s tongue disappeared into her mouth with a bit of tissue, and we would desperately try to recover the bit of tissue, but… Z would close her mouth and try to avoid our attempts to retrieve the soggy tissue in her mouth, and when we finally get her mouth open (unlikely) or our fingers in her mouth, we can’t find any trace of the tissue.)

“Did you eat the tissue?”

Zoe would just grin her one-tooth grin. Mischievously? Triumphantly? Smugly?

I think in her previous life, she might have been a deer from Nara (they are known to eat anything white, such as paper).

Anyway, PL gets a little frantic if she thinks Zoe has eaten or is about to eat something non-approved.

I should get frantic too, but I think PL has enough “Franaticism” for both of us, and I find the show is quite interesting to watch, so I don’t interfere.

So anyway, today in the cab on the ride to PL’s mom’s place, Zoe pulled out a small owl-themed bookmark from PL’s appointment book and was studying it. PL thought the Zoe was about to eat it and stopped her.

(To be fair, Zoe might have been aiming to “taste” the bookmark. Maybe.)

Zoe stopped, and i took the bookmark from her.

I mimed eating the bookmark and Zoe laughed.

I offered the bookmark to her, putting it towards her mouth and Zoe backed away, smiling.

I did this to show PL that Zoe wasn’t going to eat the bookmark. Zoe knew it was not meant to be eaten and when I mimed eating it, she knew it was a joke.

So now I gave the bookmark back to Zoe, and SHE mimed eating the bookmark. But she stopped before PL could react, and then offered the bookmark to PL (to eat? I don’t know.)

And she smiled mischievously.

She was just teasing her mother.

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