When Zoe fell out of the tub

Yes. she somehow managed to fall out of the bath tub.

Which was at ground level.

It was a small tub. She was being bathed by PL. And this is usually a one-woman job so I was outside. Minding my own business.

Then I heard PL go, “ZOE!” in a panicked tone.

I don’t think I heard a thud, but I rushed in and there was my baby lying on the floor beside the tub.

She was quiet, but it was the quiet of a baby sucking in air just before she wails. It was the quiet before the storm breaks.  You know, that quiet anticipation before the wail that is coming.

Sure enough, she wailed.

Long and loud.

Complaining of the injustice of this world that allowed the law of gravity to operate on little babies. Of the hardness of floors. Of baby limbs that did not know how to work properly.

But mostly of shock that her parents did not save her from the indignity of ending up naked on the floor.

Hey, isn’t that a line from a song?

Oh yeah. That’s why there are no pictures. She was naked. (Zoe, not PL).

It took a while to soothe and calm her down, but there were no injuries other than to her self-esteem or sense of self and competence.

And after she had wailed about the injustice of this world, she allowed herself to be soothed and fed and things were back to normal.

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2 Responses to When Zoe fell out of the tub

  1. thisissiok says:

    Kekek totally love your writing! 😀

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